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What Our Clients Say

Since going through the Apex system I've reached a new level of fitness and performance. There are many things in life I enjoy doing including, traveling, staying physically active and being a hands-on grandfather.

What I especially like about the Apex program is its attention to detail that other programs gloss over or ignore. Such as, not ignoring the importance of working small muscles.  I am able to wrestle and chase after my grandchildren without worrying that I will stumble or tweak my back. Thanks in part to Apex I have achieved and maintain a high level of quality of life.

Leonard A - 69 Chicago Il


Since joining Apex, my flexibility has increased and my pain has decreased. I feel better and stronger. Being employed full time, I especially appreciate the flexibility that an online training program gives me to fit my necessary exercise into my busy schedule.  I value the ten minute weekly video conferences with my coach. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and a careful listener. That personal time helps him understand what I need and ensures that I am doing my exercises properly.  Apex keeps me motivated and makes online training practical, affordable, and effective. I highly recommend Apex!

Shelley D - 70 San Jose CA

I love to climb mountains. I'm with Apex so the pain issues I've had my adult life can't stop me from doing what I love.

 Kara M - 45 Chico CA

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