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Posture today versus "back then"

In today's society, we are constantly doing anti-posture work. Whether it's at the desk, in the car, or on the couch, we are deactivating important muscles while tightening others. Never in the brief history of humanity have we spent so much time sitting - which is quite possibly the worst anatomical position to be in.

It wasn't long ago when were tilling fields, hunting game, squatting down for various reasons, and possibly living nomadically. All of which took: strength, flexibility, joint range of motion, and cardiovascular health. Plus the food available was all locally sourced and organic.  


Apex's approach to unlocking your body's true postural potential is unique. We don't skip steps. You deserve to be pain free, functional and strong. There are no shortcuts when all those things are at stake.

Eating Acai


Fuel Your Body

Food: highly sought after, seldom truly understood. Apex isn't in the diet business per se - we are in the wellness business. Food is the most basic, and often the best way to directly affect inflammation (pain), energy, and body composition (fat loss). If we can't get our ground level right, the other levels will be affected. Nutritional guidance is most certainly part of the Apex Solution.

Postural Reconditioning

Deactive Hypertonic Muscles

The very backbone of the program begins at the  Postural Reconditioning level. A building's foundation needs to be precise or the finished product doesn't function as intended; your body operates on the same premise. At this level we will gently recondition your body's foundation so the other levels are able to be stacked upon it in a nice orderly fashion.

Modern Living Room

Flexibility & Range of Motion

Regain Control Of Your Body

In this block we will work on all the tight muscles, and gaining functional Range of Motion (ROM). For most people, increasing flexibility in the: hamstrings, quadriceps, pectorals, calves, lats, serratus anterior, to name a few, will be addressed! Not only that, but we will also focus on: scapular, thoracic and hip flexor ROM. Once we start to gain the upper hand in regaining flexibility and ROM, you'll be on your way to feeling better.

Core & Stabilizer Strengthening

Rebuild Your Body

Now that we've retaught your body how to abduct, adduct, elevate, depress, flex, extend, rotate, stabilize, etc, we can start to strengthen those muscles that will hold you in your new-found postural excellence!


Balance & Spacial Awareness

Gain Comfort & New Abilities With Your New Body 

We have now successfully laid a sturdy foundation, and can build some pretty cool things upon it. There is more to being fit and functional than just eating right, looking good and feeling well. It takes being well balanced on all fronts to truly reap the benefits of what life has to offer. To that end, we will now work on some balance and proprioceptive abilities.

Healthy Heart

Move Further, Faster, Easier

Nearing the top of our pyramid is the development of your cardiovascular system. We'll utilize longer bouts of sustained light cardio along with sessions of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and other forms of cardio to strengthen your heart and respiratory system.


Integrative Strength

Now Go Climb That Mountain!

Atop the pyramid is the strengthening block. It's not because it's the most important; rather it is the capstone that will finish off the pyramid. We can now shore up your body with adding strength and muscle. Think of it as adding durability and increased output. You are now fully functioning and pain free; let's add "strong" to that list too.

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