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What We're All About

Let's Rebuild Your Foundation

You wouldn't build a house on land that was prone to sinkholes would you? Then why would you take that same approach to your body? Think of posture as the foundation of your body, just as the land is the foundation of your house. Most people's foundations are rife with cracks. If those cracks go unfixed, they turn into bigger cracks. Before you know it you're getting x-rays and MRI's trying to diagnose why your neck, back, knees, etc hurt. Avoid the pills and operations. Build your house upon the solid grounds at Apex.

The Apex Team


Fitness, health, and wellness have been passions of mine since adolescence. I played competitive sports from an early age up until my senior year of high school. After that, my education and my career have always followed in suit. 


Within my work experience, I've gained valuable knowledge about nutrition and proper body mechanics.  I've been on both sides of the therapy process, working as a rehab aide and having been a patient (multiple times). It not only opened my eyes to how integral those practices are in our society, but it also helped shape my personal views; how I wanted to serve those in need while feeding the hunger of wanting to be in the world of health and fitness.

I've struggled with hip pain since I was 17. After cortisone shots, surgery, physical therapy, and having two babies, I'm still working towards my functionality, and I've got a ways yet to go. However, I take comfort in knowing how far I've come. I know firsthand the frustrations that come with having a body that doesn't operate as it "should".  Since then I've had a passion to help those in pain. I'm finally in a place in life where I can direct my time and expertise into helping others regain what they felt was lost. I decided to create a platform that can help people get out of pain, and regain functionality. 



Professional Qualifications:
B.A. Kinesiology - CSU, Chico

Minor in Exercise Science - CSU, Chico

Fitness Nutrition Coach - N.E.S.T.A

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Apex Consultant

Professional Qualifications:

Corrective Exercise Specialist - NASM

Behavior Change Specialist - NASM

Personal Training Cert - AFAA*

Nutrition & Hydration Cert - NSA

Fitness Instructor Cert - NSA

It's been a long crazy journey up to this point. However, along the way, there have been a few constants. I love getting  to know people on a personal level, I love fitness, and I enjoy helping others in need.


I have always been attracted to careers and opportunities that had me work closely with people. I love getting to know folks on a personal level.  It's part of what ultimately led me to excel at personal training. I didn't get drained by all the back and forth interaction. For me it usually has an energizing effect, and also allowed me to better tailor fitness sessions for my clients.

Over my 11 + years in the fitness industry, I've had the opportunity to work with, and learn from some of the best and brightest in the fields of health and fitness. The Cal State University Chico Rec Center, Whole Body Fitness, and most notably Align Holistic Health Management.

I personally find a great deal of satisfaction from helping others. There is no better feeling than walking someone through a series of progressions to help them fix pain they thought would be an everlasting part of their life. Or show someone that they need not be bound by the chains of their current dysfunctions; rather they do in fact have the capability to increase their functionality to do the things they WANT to do. 


Those three passions have ultimately led me to helping create Apex.


Aside from all the business stuff, I’m a proud father of three wonderful children and a partner to an extremely driven woman/mother/owner.

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