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Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive Answers

What is expected of an Apex Member?

This is a loaded question, and one that may seem like a high hurdle for many people. Rest assured, your ability to achieve your potential is only limited by your dedication to the process. We expect our members to be present for their 10-minute weekly check-ins, fill out their food logs as prescribed by their coach, check-in on the TrueCoach app upon beginning their exercise routine, mark their exercises/workouts as finished in a timely manner, leave notes/messages for us through the TrueCoach App, watch the tutorials and exercise videos to ensure proper form is being used, submit videos/pictures so their coach can be sure they are performing the exercises correctly, have the needed equipment purchased or a current gym membership that has the needed equipment to perform the exercises. That's basically it!

What equipment is needed?

We've broken the equipment needs down into three tiers with approximate costs.​​ The more tiers you have, the more we can do. However, we can accomplish a lot with just Tier one. Click the link to see each piece of equipment. Keep in mind, prices fluctuate and read the ratings to make sure you're getting a good product. Additionally, almost all of these things are offered at competitive prices from local stores (Walmart, Dicks, Big 5, Sports Authority, etc).


Tier # 1 (Must have's)


Tier # 2 (Should have)


Tier #3 (Like to have)

  • Agility Ladder (12-20 rung) - $20

  • Cable Machine Pulley Machine - Expense can vary 

  • Plates - $1/lb total for 5, 10, 25, 45 = $85

  • Trap Bar (elevated/adjustable grip) - $230

  • Dumbells, Barbell (Ader brand, with plates) - $200

  • Kettlebells - $1.30/lb total for 25, 35, 45 = $150

    • TOTAL = $700 ±

Besides equipment, what will I need to do this program, and will it cost me extra?

Clients will need access to: the TrueCoach application for success tracking, workout prescription, and communication. Additionally Zoom OR Facebook OR Skype for face-to-face meetings. None of which will cost you a dime.

Do the aforementioned equipment tiers have anything to do with the cost of the program?

No. Regardless of what equipment you have access to, you will be charged according to the plan you are on.

What is TrueCoach?

TrueCoach is an application which allows your coach: to track your progress, give you information, keep in communication with you and schedule your programs. If you'd like to check it out, click here. However, your coach will send you an invite to join the Apex team once you sign up for Apex's services.

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