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On This, Your One Year Apex Anniversary: A Retrospective

Here is a note we recently sent to quite possibly our most consistent and unarguably our sweetest client, Shelley. We are now sharing it here for others to get a glimpse into what a journey as an Apex client can be if you trust the process, and take the time to do the sessions regularly. Yes, sharing this is a bit self serving, but Shelley is ok with are we.


Even though you were quite skeptical that our approach was going to yield results, you took a chance. You had enough of your body not doing the things your mind felt were simple asks. Walking up stairs, getting up from a chair, getting up off the floor, NOT tripping and falling, constantly achy knees, etc - just an overall decrease in function and livability.

However, your dedication and trust in the process far outweighed your healthy skepticism. Little by little you regained control over your body. Although in some ways we've only just begun, we also need to take pause and see how far you've come. Your pain stats have dramatically fallen. Once averaging 5's and 6's (0-10 scale), now averaging 0's and 1's. Once struggling to lie down with your legs straight, you're now balancing on one foot, with the other leg up at 90 degrees. You would stumble and fall every three or so months, and now we're over six months (we think) since your last unintended visit to the ground. And getting down and up from the ground is no longer a struggle. You've taken your life back!

We couldn't ask for a better client. You ask questions, you send us Form Check videos, you always update your session calendar, you make all your weekly Zoom meetings, we could go on and on. Your success doesn't surprise us, and your journey to pain free, functional living has only just begun. Happy one year anny Shelley!

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